Assist is designed to use in diverse business verticals like restaurants, food courts, bakery, sweet shop, food truck, Quick Service Restaurants, Retail store, garment stores, apparel stores, electrical stores, electronic store, furniture store and FMCG distributors and etc..

To use Assist on your computer should have minimum 2 GB RAM, Dual Core Processor, 120 GB Hard disk.

Based on the business vertical Assist has a price range of INR 10,000 to INR 35,000

Yes, you can use existing barcodes to manage your inventory while migration.

Assist is designed and developed using complex algorithms and advanced technologies to make sure your business run easier, smoother and better. Assist will help you with the best in class business intelligence reports. Even without a business owner present at the store, Assist will make sure that the data untampered.

After the implementation, company will give you one service support with free of cost.

A designated implementation engineer will come to your place and do the implementation and training part.

Yes, you can use Assist software for your seasonal business with few customizations.

Any POS rated hardware systems should support Assist software. Anyhow you can contact our preferred partner for more information on hardware.

Yes, absolutely, you can take all GST related reports as Assist is a GST ready product.

Yes, Assist will give you complete insights of your Profit and loss

Yes, you can update the stock available on Assist after a physical stock audit.

Yes, once you give the required inputs, we will customize any reports any per user request.

Typically, we charge 20 % as AMC

You don’t need separate accounting software as Assist comes with Accounts module also.

We would love to answer any related quires through Phone call, mail & chat. Moreover we will love to come to your place for a complete demonstration of the product.

Yes, you can manage users to access only related options in respect to their roles in your organization.